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The Benefits Of Warmcore – Fully Welded:

Using advanced machinery to produce the best possible result Elite Windows Trade are proud to offer fully welded windows and doors. Not all manufacturers produce to this high spec as the machinery requires a huge investment of £400,000. We are able to offer a fully welded system usually at a comparable, often lower price due to the time and man hours saved with this method.

Warmcore With Welded Joint

  • Ensures a strong and secure weld.
  • Flush joint.
  • Fully waterproof.
  • Advanced machinery is used to produce the best possible result.
  • Tolerance of 0.03mm

Warmcore With Mechanical Joint

  • Weaker joint that can part over time.
  • Joint is not flush.
  • Water is able to leak through.
  • Screwdriver is used, the joint is often too loose or too tight.
  • Tolerance of 2mm

R9, R7 & R2 – The Residence Collection:

Unquestionably, the best PVC window on the market.

Until now, all manufacturers have been creating mechanical joints. This can lead to several complications. For instance, to prevent any movement within the opening sash, the glass units need to be fitted into the frames- then fully bonded with silicone.

The problem for the installer: Attempting to carry and install such heavy windows can be difficult.

The problem for the homeowner: This can increase installation costs.

The biggest potential problem: If a glass unit gets damaged, the whole sash has to be replaced- which is very costly and exact colour matching could be an issue.

Having substantially invested in high spec machinery, it enables us to maintain the original aesthetics and provide profiles welded with a vertical joint. Most importantly, installers can glaze windows after installation and any damage to the glass units at a later stage can be changed with ease and efficiency.

Timber Doors:

Handmade and engineered with precision, these doors are a true innovation. An incredible range of 27 stunning designs to choose from. Safe and secure locking hardware, our doors won’t shrink or swell, contrary to standard timber doors. Guaranteed to be 100% water resistant. This is the door that makes a true statement.

Composite Doors:

We offer a remarkable range of fantastic designs for you to choose from. You can explore our designs for composite doors here on our website.

Swish PVC Windows & Doors:

We manufacture a range of Swish products, Energy ‘A’ rated with a full selection of colours
to choose from.
Guaranteed security is a priority for peace of mind.
Our products provides customers a lifetime guarantee on security with Yale hardware.

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